My "Fill Your Events Bonus Package" for Magnetize Your Audience

NEW MEGA Bonus #1:

A Promotion To My Subscriber List of Over 100,000 People

Callan and Justin are going to teach you the best methods you can use to fill your events, and one of those methods will be to get other people like myself who have built large subscriber lists of loyal readers to promote your event.

Well, how about if we get one of those promos lined up RIGHT NOW — to MY list of over 100,000 socially conscious changemakers? Sounds awesome, right?  It is.  Here’s how this will work ...

Go through Magnetize Your Audience, and design your event and your promotional materials with Callan and Justin’s help. Then, we'll do a special case study where I’ll interview some of their most successful students (including YOU) for my list about how you used their support to grow your business with a live event.  We'll send people to your web page where they can register for your event.

This is a big deal — I'm putting a value of $10,000 on this, but if you have a good sales funnel in place (which Callan and Justin will help you with) the kind of traffic I'll send you could generate way more!  And that's just the beginning, since having a bigger subscriber list will help you generate a bigger income and impact for years to come.

This is a very rare opportunity that I only offer once in a blue moon, so I suggest you jump on it while you can!

NEW MEGA Bonus #2:

 3 Months of Membership In My Elite Coaching Program

This is where you can get coaching from me personally on how to build your socially conscious business that makes a profound positive difference in the world.

This bonus is special, because normally you’d have to graduate from one of my training programs to even get an invitation into this more intimate coaching program for my advanced students.  It’s called The Vision Attainment Program and it includes a special private forum where you have access to me, my team of coaches, and my higher level students... 24 hours per day, 7 days per week!  You’ll also get access to two intimate group coaching calls per month (Tuesdays at 11am Pacific) where you can ask me questions about marketing and filling your events.

Normally you’d pay $250 per month for this program, but if you sign up for Magnetize Your Audience today, you’ll get 3 months of this program at no charge.  That’s a $750 value.  You can start your participation in the Vision Attainment program right away, or when you complete Magnetize Your Audience.  It’s up to you.

This program has been crucial for many of my most successful clients, who have consistently reported back to me that they wouldn’t have achieved the results they did without the support of this group and myself.  If you are already a member of the group, you will receive three months of membership at no charge!

NEW MEGA Bonus #3:

12 Months of Live Event Mastermind and Mentoring

I’d like to invite you into the inner circle of my strategic planning and execution of my next big live event... The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Experience.  This event will have hundreds of attendees and will likely generate multiple six-figures in revenue.  How much could you learn from getting the inside story — the behind the scenes play by play report of how we’re organizing, filling and producing this event?  This is the best way to learn in my opinion.

Here’s how this will work...

Once you join Magnetize Your Audience, you’ll get a special invitation from me to join our private Facebook group.  It will have no more than 50 people.  We’ll use this group to download regular reports on everything we’re doing to fill and produce my event, and you’ll be able to ask us questions too.  My Business Manager and live event expert Denise Beins, who has even more experience than I do with producing these kinds of events, will be active in this group as well to answer your questions and provide valuable feedback.  Plus, you’ll get three special group coaching calls with Denise and myself where we’ll focus exclusively on what we’re doing to make our event awesome, and how you can make YOUR event a huge success.

An added benefit here is that you’ll get to network and mastermind with a small group of highly motivated socially conscious changemakers who are focusing on implementing everything you’re learning from Callan and Justin.  I’ll leave the group active so you can continue supporting each other for many years to come.

Bonus # 4:

My Million Dollar Joint Venture Training

One of the easiest ways to fill your live events FAST is with Joint Ventures.  I rely heavily on them, and I know for a fact that Callan and Justin do as well.  Joint Ventures are simply the best strategy I know of for filling ANY type of event, while also rapidly building your list and attracting new clients!  I call this my Million Dollar Joint Venture Training because I've generated several million dollars through joint ventures over the past few years.  Some of my most successful students have used the Joint Venture strategies I taught them to build million dollar businesses in less than a year.  I know as much about how to do this successfully, and with integrity, as anyone I know.  This special class covers everything I’ve learned in a condensed format so you can get started right away using Joint Ventures to fill your events, and build your list fast.

A single Joint Venture might be all you need to fill your event.  Several Joint Ventures could take an event that would have normally attracted 10 people and turn it into an event with hundreds of attendees.

Bonus # 5:

My Million Dollar Webinar Training

One of the absolute best ways to fill your live events is through webinars and teleclasses.  It’s no coincidence that all of the most successful entrepreneurs I know employ webinars as a core part of their business model.  I call this my Million Dollar Webinar Training because I’ve generated many millions of dollars through my free webinar trainings that wrap up with an offer to join my paid coaching program and attend my live event.  I’ve conducted over a hundred webinars for several hundred thousand people over the years. This has enabled me to perfect the formula into an exact science that produces consistent and reliable results.

With my webinar formula you’ll be able to fill your online and offline live events easier, faster, and with more perfect fit clients. I’ll show you:

  • A proven 8-step process to design and deliver more successful webinars.
  • The 10 essential and strategic components you need to have in every webinar to maximize value as well as client enrollment!
  • How to design and deliver online presentations that give massive value, rapidly build your list and enroll clients.
  • How to engage your audience fully through effective methods of interaction.
  • How to get massive numbers of people to register and attend your webinars.
  • How to master the technology needed. It doesn’t have to be difficult.
  • How to overcome any fear and resistance you have to speaking.

This is the training I wish I’d had back when I was getting started with webinars.  It would have helped me to skip massive amounts of trial and error and generate a lot more income.

Bonus # 6:

Two Tickets To The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment
Experience Value - $2,000

What better way to take your own events to the next level than to attend my 3-day live event and bring a friend or colleague! 

You’ll finally find your tribe of bold action takers that are just as committed as you are to being of profound service.  You’ll get to network with hundreds of socially conscious visionary changemakers from around the world, and you’ll get support from me that will move you towards even higher levels of mastery with filling and conducting your own live events.

But this gets even better...

I’m going to invite you to join our production team.  You’ll get to be in the behind-the-scenes planning meetings and the event production process so you can see exactly how we put on an amazing event for hundreds of people.  I’m certain you’ll learn something valuable that you can incorporate into your own events.

There’s no other event in existence like this one, and when you enroll in Magnetize Your Audience, you’ll receive two tickets valued at $1,000 dollars each so you and a friend can attend at no charge.

What’s the value of this bonus package?

You can’t buy four of these six bonuses, as they’re not for sale anywhere.  So it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on them.  However, you can look to see how much additional revenue these bonuses will likely help you to generate over the life of your business...

I sometimes value the Joint Ventures and Webinar bonuses at $10,000 each.  Why?  Because when I implemented the strategies I teach in these programs, I generated millions.  Would I have been willing to invest $10,000 to generate millions?  Of course I would have!  Unfortunately, I spent A LOT more than that in the form of mistakes, wasted time, and missed opportunities.  If I could go back in time and buy these two programs for 10K each, I’d do it in a heartbeat.

The promotion to my list is something you can’t buy and it will never be for sale, but it could easily be worth at least 10K in increased revenue if it helps you to build your list and get more people to your event.

That leaves the 12 Months of Live Event Mastermind and Mentoring, which could easily be worth at least $5,000 by helping you avoid costly mistakes and optimize your event results.

In summary:

1. $10,000 - A Promotion To My Subscriber List of Over 100,000 People
2. $750 (actual price) - 3 Months of Membership In My Elite Coaching Program
3. $5,000 - 12 Months of Live Event Mastermind and Mentoring
4. $10,000 - My Million Dollar Joint Venture Training
5. $10,000 - My Million Dollar Webinar Training
6. $2,000 (actual price) - Two Tickets To The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Experience

$37,750 TOTAL - Amount you could reasonably expect to add to your bottom line over the lifetime of your business if you apply what you learn.

But the real question is, What will Magnetize Your Audience and my bonuses combined be worth to you and your business?

How much additional income will you generate every year of your life from here forward?

What’s it worth to you to get to follow your calling to serve and to make a living while being of profound service in the world?

If the answer is some version of, “It would be worth a lot!”, then this should be an easy decision for you.

Don’t let fear and doubt hold you back from making the decision that is most aligned with your highest potential future...


​This could be a life-altering decision.

I’m cheering you on!

Ryan Eliason