My "Change The World With Launches” Bonus Package for PLF...

Bonus #1:

Master The Art and Science of Authentic, Mission Based Marketing

If you don't have a list yet, or you have one but it's not growing fast enough, in this module I'll show you how to build your list and your movement at the same time. I've built a subscriber list of well over 100,000 people from every country on Earth, and some of my clients have built even bigger lists. I'll break this down for you, step by step, including how to design your free gifts and opt-in pages, and then how to do effective email marketing once you've built your list.

This bonus is the perfect compliment to PLF. It will show you how to use launches to “build a movement” which attracts thousands of people to get on board with your mission.

Bonus #2:

 My Million Dollar Joint Venture Training

Almost all of those massive launches you’ve seen were supported by Joint Venture partners. There’s probably no better combo than PLF and my approach to JVs (Joint Ventures). This combo could lead to your first six-figure launch, then to multiple six-figures, and even seven-figures. Joint Ventures are simply the best strategy I know of for promoting your launch!

I call this my Million Dollar Joint Venture Training because I've generated several million dollars through Joint Ventures over the past few years. Some of my most successful students have used what I taught them in this training module to build million dollar businesses in less than a year. Some of them have done multiple million dollar launches. I know as much about how to do this successfully, and with integrity, as anyone I know. This special class covers everything I've learned in a condensed format so you can get started right away using Joint Ventures to attract hundreds or thousands of people to your next launch. A single Joint Venture might be all you need to pull off your next successful launch.

Bonus #3:

My Million Dollar Webinar Training

Almost all of the most successful launches you hear about involve webinars. Videos are fantastic, but including webinars in your launches can easily add 20% to 100% to your bottom line results. Personally, I didn’t start using videos in my launches until recently. Using only webinars I was able to put on several launches in a row that each generated around $800,000 leading to several million dollars in revenue. Webinars are easier and less expensive to produce than videos, so they can be a great way to get started with launches.

In this bonus I’ll teach you how to use webinars in your launches in a way that provides massive value to your audience and results in a very high percentage of people saying yes to your offer. This bonus alone could easily give you a massive ROI (Return On Investment) when you enroll in PLF.

Bonus # 4:

My ‘Rolodex’ of Resources

When you start doing bigger launches and webinars, you’re going to run into a hundred technology questions. I’d like to answer them all for you. My “Rolodex” is a collection of the best tools, services and software that I use to produce my own launches and webinars. This bonus will help you save dozens of hours of research and sidestep the painful mistakes I made. If you choose the wrong resources, you’ll waste massive amounts of time and money. I know how precious time and money are when developing a business, and my rolodex will save you a great deal of both. This rolodex is something I put a lot of effort into updating regularly, and it’s normally something that only my paying clients get access to. You’ll have lifetime access to all of my updates.

Bonus # 5:

Two Tickets To The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment
Experience (Value - $2,000)

What better way to take your launches to the next level than to attend my 3-day live event and bring a friend or colleague! You'll finally find your tribe of bold action takers that are just as committed as you are to being of profound service. You'll get to network with hundreds of socially conscious visionary changemakers from around the world, and you'll get support from me that will move you towards even higher levels of mastery with producing your launches. You’ll also meet hundreds of potential JV partners that share your values.

There's no other event in existence like this one, and when you enroll in PLF through my link, you'll receive two tickets valued at $1,000 dollars each so you and a friend can attend at no charge.

Bonus # 6:

Launch Project Plan Template

One of the most challenging parts of pulling off a successful launch is the planning. There are so many moving parts, and it’s nearly impossible to think of everything you need to anticipate. It’s also very difficult to know exactly how much time each piece is going to take. Without proper guidance, it’s easy to make very costly mistakes. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way, and if you follow my Launch Project Plan Template you’ll avoid the mistakes and I’ll do most of the planning for you. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson (one of my most successful clients) says one of the most valuable things she received from me was my Launch Project Plan Template. It helped her to build a 2.6 million dollar business from scratch in less than a year using launches.

All you have to do is enter your launch start date into a field in the template and all of the start dates (and due dates) for every single project task are calculated for you. It’s a massive time saver and will give you massive confidence in your launch plan.

What’s the value of this bonus package?

You can’t buy most of these bonuses, as they’re not for sale anywhere. So it’s nearly impossible to put a price tag on them. However, you can look to see how much additional revenue these bonuses will likely help you to generate over the life of your business.

These exact strategies have been worth several million dollars to me. Some of my clients have also built seven-figure businesses using these strategies.

If I could go back in time I’d gladly pay $50,000 to learn these strategies. That would have been a very profitable investment for me.

So, let’s just say this bonus package is worth $50,000.

But the real question is, “What will PLF and my bonuses combined be worth to you and your business?”

How much additional income will you generate every year of your life from here forward?

What’s it worth to you to get to follow your calling to serve and to make a living while being of profound service in the world?

If the answer is some version of, “It would be worth a lot!”, then this should be an easy decision for you.

Don’t let fear and doubt hold you back from making the decision that is most aligned with your highest potential future...

Remember, you’ll get all of these bonuses for FREE when you sign up for PLF through my link.

I’m sure you can see how each of these 6 bonuses will make it EASIER to master PLF, and that you’ll get BIGGER results FASTER with the support of these 6 programs.

Combine these 6 bonuses with PLF and you’ll be unstoppable ...

​This could be a life-altering decision.

I’m cheering you on!

Ryan Eliason