My $54,000 Bonus Package for PPSS…

Bonus #1:

How To Enroll High End Clients Through Complimentary Consultations

Bill’s program will show you step-by-step how to design your premium package and offer. He will help you design it so that your perfect fit clients naturally want to say “yes”...

… and the best way to get them to say “yes” is through a complimentary consultation. That’s why this is THE PERFECT bonus to combine with Bill’s program.

Combine Bill’s awesome program with my bonus class, and you’ll have the Ferrari of enrollment systems. You’ll have everything you need to go from A to Z for building your business rapidly.

If I’d known what I’m going to teach you in this class when I was first starting out, I could have easily made at least an extra $500,000 by now, so let’s say this class is worth only one-tenth of that...$50,000. I have my own perspective and experience on what it takes to enroll high end clients. I used to enroll about 60% of the people I did intro sessions with into a $8,000 program. That was about 6 years ago now. I’ve learned a lot since then, and I want to give you my latest thinking. My 25 years of client enrollment experience will be condensed into 2-hours of the most practical high value guidance you've ever received.

I don’t sell this class and you can’t buy it anywhere. The only way to get it right now is to enroll in Bill’s program.

DISCLAIMER: Would I really sell a 2-hour class for $50,000? - Of course not. But since I don’t sell this class yet, I can say it’s worth whatever I want to say. LOL! I just put that value on it because, honestly, this info would have been worth paying at least that much for back when I was starting out. Would I spend 1 dollar to make to make 10 dollars? Of course. Would I spend $50,000 to make $500,000? -- in a heartbeat!!

Bonus #2:

 $2,000 credit towards my next LIVE event: “The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Experience”

This 3-day event planned for late 2017 is a chance to meet hundreds of socially conscious visionary changemakers from around the world, and get support from me that will move you towards even higher levels of business mastery. This bonus is almost as good as cash. You can’t exchange it for cash, but whatever I end up charging for the event, you’ll get to keep $1,000 in your pocket compared to what everyone else pays. Plus, I’m going to give you an additional $1,000 credit you can extend to a friend who may want to attend the event with you.

Bonus #3:

How to Create Compelling Offers

To ensure that you continue to thrive while offering your service to the world, you need to create truly compelling offers. This may be the most essential skill for getting your content out to the people who need it. This program is all about presenting your offering in a way that inspires people to say YES. What good is having an amazing product if you can’t convince anyone to buy it?

This bonus is one of the modules from my high-end breakthrough training for visionary entrepreneurs, Visionary Business Mastery. It lays the foundation for designing and delivering irresistible offers that people say YES to. You’ll learn to gain trust and approach marketing as a service. You’ll learn to overcome key mental blocks to promoting your offering to others. You’ll leave this training assured that the offer you’ve worked so hard to create is something that really connects with the people you want to serve.

Bonus # 4:

Scheduling Initial Consultations

In this 2-hour class you'll learn multiple very practical (and proven) methods for attracting your ideal clients and getting them to schedule an enrollment conversation with you. This is where the magic happens: your opportunity to inspire them with all the potential outcomes of your working together! Many people shy away from this process because they struggle to feel authentic when they feel they’re “selling” something. But this class will help you discover that these conversations have the potential to be of deep service to all involved -- whether or not a sale is made!

I have my own experience and approach with this method, and it’s had fantastic results over the years for me and my clients. It’s actually one of the modules from my most popular program, Double Your Income and Your Time Off. Normally you'd have to pay at least $997 to get access to this training.

What’s the value of this bonus package?

Most of these bonuses are not for sale anywhere, which makes it hard to estimate their monetary value.

However, it’s clear that these bonuses have the potential to generate an incredible increase in revenue for you and your business.

These exact strategies have been worth several million dollars to me. They have been foundational in the growth of my business, and some of my clients have built their own seven-figure businesses using them.

If I could go back in time I’d gladly pay $54,000 to learn these strategies. That would have been a very profitable investment for me. Actually, relative to the potential of these programs, I think that estimate is on the conservative side...

But what I really want you to consider is how the combination of Bill’s program and my bonuses could transform the impact and the profitability of your business.

I know his system can create a dramatic transformation for someone who is just getting started, or who hasn’t yet created a lot of momentum in their business.

I want you to succeed with offering your clients your best work while getting paid generously.

And that’s why I’m offering this CRAZY bonus package. The real value here is the opportunity that the combination of Bill’s program and my bonuses creates...

... Which is the opportunity to follow your calling to serve and to make a living while being of profound service in the world!

Take a moment to imagine just how much THAT would be worth to you. No, really. Go ahead and take a moment to imagine that.

Don’t let fear and doubt hold you back from making the decision that is most aligned with your highest potential future.

Remember, you’ll get all of these bonuses for FREE when you sign up for PPSS through my link.

Each of these bonuses was selected with the specific intention of helping you to get MAXIMUM results from Bill’s program with the LEAST amount of effort, in the LEAST amount of time.

Here’s your chance to get Bill’s program and my COMPLETE bonus package...

This could be a life-altering decision.

I’m cheering you on!

Ryan Eliason